About Valley Covenant Church
Valley Covenant Church is part of The Evangelical Covenant Church, a movement of more than 800 congregations in the United States and Canada, gathered around the central truth of the Bible: the message of Jesus Christ and His saving love for you; His invitation to find new life through faith in Him.


Valley Covenant Church is a caring community of believers
who desire to be the hands and feet of Jesus –
carrying the grace of Jesus to the world He loves.


We value:
V • Vital Commitment to God’s Word. We value learning and understanding God’s message as it is written in the Bible. We value the Bible because in it we meet the Savior, Jesus Christ, who Himself is “the Word of God”.
A • Actively worshiping God. We value the pursuit of a lifestyle of actively responding to God’s person and work.
L • Loving all People. Because all people matter to God, we value reaching out in care and service to draw people one step closer to Jesus.
L • Lives of Prayer. We value Prayer, both individually and collectively, as a balancing and centering component of life. It is healthy, healing, and hope-giving to find spiritual nourishment through prayer.
E • Experiencing Life Together. We value the importance of connecting with one another, as opposed to following Jesus by “going solo”. In this lifelong journey of following Christ, we find it helps to have fellow travelers.
Y • Youth and Childrens’ ministries. We believe that kids and students are not the church of tomorrow; they are the church today.