Check out our current Schedule of events.  This list only contains our official scheduled events and does not include rescheduled times and activities, as it is only updated at the beginning of each month.
  • Sunday Fusion Night: 5:30pm Jr High Small Groups, 6-7:30pm Dinner & Game, 7:30-8:15pm Sr High Small Group
  • No Fusion:
Sept 3rd- Labor Day Weekend
Nov 19th & 26th- Thanksgiving Break
Dec 24th to Jan 7th-
Christmas Break

the process of joining two or more things together

     Fusion Student Ministries is Valley Covenant Church’s Jr. and Sr. High ministry.  Led by several dedicated leaders, Fusion exists to inspire Students to engage in a real and lasting relationship with Jesus Christ through creative, relational and exciting programming.

     Valley Covenant has had a ministry for students for many years now.  From “Recharge” to “Amplify” to “Impact” to “Fuse”, the ministry has had a variety of iterations and served many students in the Ogle County area through their Jr. and Sr. High years.  In July of 2014, VECC’s Student Ministries was renamed “FUSION”.  The idea here was to expand on “The Fuse” by focusing on drawing students of a variety of talents, family’s of origin, genders, grades, etc. into a single group that seeks to follow Jesus Christ in our lives.
     Fusion has a variety of special events and groups that meet throughout the year.  In general, the students are invited to join us on Sunday Nights for a time of prayer, an engaging small group conversation, and a variety of fun games.  
    If you have any questions regarding Fusion Student Ministries or would like to donate funds to help our students experience Christian camps, mission trips, and conferences, please contact the Church office or Pastor Caitlin Pierson.

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