First and foremost…THANK YOU for your gift and investment of time and energy to make Summer Adventure 2023 a blessing for so many children and families in our community! Before Summer Adventure begins, all volunteers need to review the training materials, sign the forms* you are required to sign, and submit them by the morning of July 7th, 2023
*If you’re unsure if you have an updated Background Check please check with Caitlin Pierson as she has the up to date list. These need to be printed and filled out by hand for your security.  You can drop it by the church anytime before we begin on July 10th.  If you can’t get it to us until your first day volunteering please let Caitlin or Tammy know.

ALSO, all underage minors need to have a medical waiver and permission form filled out and signed by their parent or legal guardian.  This can be printed out and brought on the first day.  You can also have a parent come and fill these out in person on the first day
MINORS ONLY (17&under)
  • Every volunteer will receive a volunteer T-Shirt that is to be worn, with the volunteer nametag, every day here at Summer Adventure. 
    •  You can plan on getting it and changing into it on the morning of July 10th.
  • Most days, we will try to provide pastries, bagels, fruit, juice, milk and coffee before we begin.  Please arrive on time or before the morning meeting time to eat some breakfast!
    • Volunteers with Children attending:  Please feel free to bring your kids with you to these meetings… They may eat with us too, if they want.
  • Finally, if you are unable to be there on any given day, please make sure Tammy knows in advance!  This will make it easier to fill gaps and make sure we have proper volunteer coverage each day.