What to expect on Sunday morning
Each Sunday at Valley Covenant, we experience corporate worship that is:
  • Christ-Centered – we are committed to a faith that is focused on the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus.
  • Biblical – we focus on God’s message to us as found in the Bible.
  • Comfortable – we don’t have a lot of rules about what to wear or how to act at church.
  • Sincere – we try not to hide who we are, preferring to let others know the genuine state of our hearts.
  • Honest before God  – we don’t shy away from speaking words of confession of sin.
  • Grateful – we speak and hear words that ground us in the grace, acceptance, and  forgiveness of God.
  • Musical – we sing, and some of us express our love for God in other musical ways
  • Varied – we sing classic hymns that have stood the test of time, as well as recent, contemporary worship music that is still evolving.
  • Prayerful – we speak to God about the concerns of our hearts, and listen for God’s Words to us
  • Grounded in sacred traditions – chief among these are celebrations of Holy Communion (on the first Sunday of each month) and Holy Baptism.
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